Open ONEzoo

Please note* You do not need to create a new account;If you have ordered with ONEzoo before you will already have an account (Includes over the phone and rep visit orders)

To get your login details call the office on 1300 456 836


Once you know your username and password, enter details and click Log In

To browse our range click Category > you can find products by the relevant category or simply click the search icon in the top left corner and type keywords


If you have purchased from us before you will have what we call a ‘product list’, you can manually add products to ‘My List’ by selecting the product and clicking Add to list > If you wish to have all the products you have previously purchased from us to you list, simply give our office a call on 1300 456 836 and request we update your product list


To place an order add  products one by one to your cart > simply open the product and click Add to cart. Once you have all the products for the order in your cart click the cart icon in the top right hand corner.


Be sure to review your order closely and insure you have selected all of the correct products, once this is complete click Check out


You will then be taken to the One Page Checkout > Please review your details carefully and ensure we have the correct shipping and billing address.


To choose your payment method select Payment Method & Coupon, this will give you two options: CASH ON DELIVERY or CREDIT CARD. Select your method of payment (add credit card details if paying by credit card. If you select cash on delivery please note the invoice price and have cash or cheque ready when the driver arrives)


Finally select Checkout confirmation and click Confirm order.


Your order has now been sent to ONEzoo HQ where it will be picked, packed and sent out to you over the next 2 working days.

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