What do I see on a product's page?

When you open a product's page on ONEzoo, you will see many options. Let's go through all of them:


- You will see the product name, the product photo and also its rating in the top:



- You can choose another product to display from the dropdown list:


- On the middle right, you can see the product description:


- You can then see the package price and the package content:

Please note that you can change the packages from the dropdown list and this will also change the price as shown below:


- You have also some other options which you can change before ordering your product as ex. Powder, Color and Size:



- On the right bottom, you can define the number of packages you want to order by entering the number in this box:


- This button helps you to add your product to the shopping cart

- To view the products you added to the shopping cart, you can click "VIEW CART" button:

You will be redirected to the page to see your listed products in the cart as below:

and you will see the product details, quantity and price. You can also update your order or remove it from the cart.


- If you want to order a product later and you want to save it in your wishlist, click the button "Add to List"


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