Manage my Orders.

To manage your orders, go to "Orders" from "Customers" Menu:

If you want to manage any Order, you will find "Action" beside every Order, as you can see below:

By clicking "Action", you will see many options. Let's go through them:



- Add Products: If you want to add a Product to the existing Order, click "Add Products", and you will be redirected to this Page, where you can add new Product to the Order:


- Edit: By clicking edit, you can almost edit everything related to the Order, such as the Delivery Address, Payment Method, and much more.

- Details: On this Page you can see the Details of the Order such as Shipping Address, Payment Method and much more.

- Delete: Just click delete, if you want to delete an Order.

- Invoice: Click it to see the Order Invoice.

- Email PDF: To send an Email to the Customer with the Order Summary.

- Split Order: If you want to Split the Order into many Orders.


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