How do I use Orderlinks as a customer?



Orderlinks by ONEzoo is an inovative and simple solution to getting your orders done.

ONEzoo has engineered Orderlinks in function and ethos to follow in the footsteps of its core products; order faster then a phone call.

If you're new to Orderlinks we have this guide to help you get started.


Step 1: Receiving the link

Depending on what has been set up by your supplier you might get an SMS, email or both.

In all of these communication methods is a link, which will look like this. Simply click the link or the blue "CLICK HERE TO ORDER" to get started.






Step 2: Placing the order

You can either swipe right on a product to increase its qty, swipe left to decrease or simply press the quantity text box to enter and number you desire.


After this, you can hit the the green checkout button to be taken to the confirmation page.

Here you can alter your delivery day, delivery address and payment method.

If you're happy and don't want to change anything, just hit the green "Confirm Order" button and your order will be sent to your supplier.

Below you can see an order being placed using "swipe to order" fucntion, from an SMS link.


Step 3: Success

Your order is now sent to your supplier and a copy of your invoice has been sent to your email address.

Each week/fortnight or month you will get these notification, to adjust them, please contact your supplier.



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